2017 OKASLA Executive Committee

Trustee- Jeff Pugh, PLA, ASLA




Past President - Nate Clair, PLA,  ASLA




President - Geoff Evans, PLA, ASLA




President Elect - Jason Wilke, ASLA




Secretary - Veronica Mills, ASLA




Treasurer - Ryan Grider, ASLA




Member-at-Large - Mike Sottong, PLA, ASLA




Associate-at-Large - Derek McCall, PLA, ASLA



Committee Assignments

Social Committee Chair - Candace Melton, PLA, ASLA

Scholarship Committee Chair - Jeff Pugh, PLA, ASLA




Adovacy Committee Chair - Mike Sottong, PLA, ASLA




Membership Committee Chair - Adrienne Wright, ASLA




PR/Public Awareness Committee Chair - Kayla Copeland, ASLA




HALS Representative - Dr. Charles Leider, FASLA





Student Chapter Representatives

Oklahoma State University - Jacoby Gonzales - Student Chapter President

University of Oklahoma -

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our sponsors:

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