OKASLA 2018 Call For Nominations

Your Oklahoma ASLA chapter is seeking nominations for those who will lead our chapter during this upcoming year. This will be the perfect time for new members and seasoned members alike to come together and promote our profession as a single unit!

We have a need for people at all levels of experience! Many of you have served countless hours throughout your careers and, as a current executive committee, we thank you. If you are able to serve again, please consider it, we would love to have you. If you are new to the chapter this is a great way to get involved. Whatever your current situation, your time serving will not be spent in vain. We think you'll be impressed by the vision that is held for landscape architecture in Oklahoma and the efforts that are already underway. 

Your Oklahoma chapter would like to thank you for your participation in the election process and will continue to serve the landscape architecture community.

Please see the attached nomination form, fill it out send them to gevans@pdgtulsa.com by 5:00 p.m. on this Friday, July 14, 2017.

Or simply reply to this email with whom you would like to nominate for the following positions:
(You must have the nominees permission in order to cast a nomination)

  1. President Elect
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary
  4. Associate-at-Large
  5. Member-at-Large
  6. Trustee

OKASLA 2018 Elections

Your Oklahoma ASLA chapter will be voting on new officers in the months of July and August.  Look for more information this month!

OKASLA 2018 Annual Meeting
SAVE THE DATE! Our annual state meeting, Confluence: The Intersection of Design, Environment, and Quality of Life, will take place in Tulsa, on September 28th and 29th! We are currently finalizing our events and roster of speakers. Stay tuned for more detailed information to follow very soon!


our sponsors:

Thank you to all sponsors who continue to donate to OKASLA. Your continued support is critical to the success of our organization.